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Amazing Scholarship Opportunity for New TK-8 Students

January 20, 2023 by Saint Anne School

This is a fabulous scholarship opportunity for families new to Catholic schools or returning after more than 1 year. The New Enrollment Initiative  Awards are available for each child in your family, for qualifying families at a wide range of income levels in conjunction with family size. Current year scholarship amounts and qualifications are in the link below. Simply find your household size counting everyone who lives in the house. Move right to find your income level and when you find it, the Mission Level you land on tells you the amount of your scholarship for your first and subsequent children.

Give your child the gift of a Catholic education at Saint Anne School and don’t let the fear of tuition hold you back from exploring this opportunity. Call today to plan a visit with the school’s principal. The principal and the school secretary are both fluent in Spanish so share this opportunity with anyone seeking a quality faith-based education for their children.

Wonderful Scholarship Opportunity (click the link below)

Enrollment NEI STA




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