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Blended Learning

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The Blended Learning Model employed at Saint Anne School combines outstanding teaching with dynamic adaptive software and student collaborative learning to drive curriculum and more effectively meet the needs of every student. 

We employ a variety of adaptive softwares at different grade levels. The software generates work specific to the individual needs of each student which might be significantly above or below grade level. The teacher uses the data generated from the adaptive software and other assessment measures to differentiate and target instruction to the needs of each student or group of students. 

Parents often express concern that screen time not be excessive. Adaptive software is used only in the areas of Math and Reading, and additionally Science in grades 6-8. Nothing replaces outstanding teaching, and so screen time is limited to half of the lesson in these core subjects. With half of the students using the adaptive software, teachers can more effectively differentiate instruction within the smaller groups they are working with, and at the midpoint of the class period, the groups switch from adaptive software to direct teacher instruction. 



Incentives for Effort and Achievement

The Blended Learning model we use has multiple levels and types of student incentives built in, to reward effort and performance.  Students set their own progress goals and are rewarded for achieving those goals.

The Shift in School Culture

Blended Learning serves as a much more effective alternative to the traditional “one size fits all” approach to education. The shift to a growth mindset motivates students at every level to accomplish their own specific goals. It motivates lower performing students by providing opportunities for success and higher performing students by providing the challenge of above grade level work. 

At Saint Anne School, we want every child to have attending college as her or his goal. We have created a hallway display of college pennants from dozens of colleges and universities, and every student is aware of the year they go to college through signs posted on every classroom door. 

History of Blended Learning at Saint Anne School 

In 2013, Saint Anne was selected by Seton Partners to be the first Blended Learning Catholic School in Southern California. After a $600,000 investment from the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation, Shea Family Charities, and the Specialty Family Foundation,  Saint Anne launched as a Blended Learning School in August 2013. Since then, the program has gone from strength to strength with faculty form over 30 Los Angeles schools, as well as the Education Departments at local universities, receiving training at Saint Anne School and the opportunity to view blended classrooms in action. 

National Recognition 

Saint Anne has served as an exemplary model at Blended Learning for over 50 fellows at the CityBridge Education Fellowship in Washington D.C. We have hosted the faculties of two Arizona schools, as referred by the University of Notre Dame. Teachers and administrators from schools launching their own Blended Learning programs have visited from Ohio, New York, Wisconsin, and Washington state. Saint Anne faculty have also presented at Blended Learning conferences in Ohio and Wisconsin. 

Blended Learning Summit at Saint Anne School

As an exemplary Blended Learning School, Saint Anne School hosted two Blended Learning Summits, gathering together leaders and experts in blended learning with educators to share lessons in this pioneering method of instruction. Representatives of Catholic schools, as well as charter and independent schools, universities, and foundations attended.

Press and Publicity

“Taking Ownership of Their Own Education”

“Saint Anne School Selected for Phaedrus Blended Learning Initiative,”  Santa Monica Mirror.

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