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Blended Learning

Individual and Small Group Instruction Integrated with Dynamic Technology 

What is Blended Learning?

Blended learning is a classroom instruction model that blends:

  • Direct Instruction from a Teacher
  • Collaborative Learning among Students 
  • Individualized Learning on computers

What are the Benefits of the Seton Blended Learning Program at Saint Anne School?

  • Direct instruction is given by teachers in small groups of students working at similar levels
  • Students take base line tests to determine individual growth targets in reading/language arts and mathematics
  • Students work daily on individual learning profiles
  • On-line work is adaptive, and adjusts to deliver challenge, reinforcement or remediation in real time based on student responses
  • Teachers can assign work or students can work on adaptive pathways that adjust to meet individual needs
  • All work is captured and delivered immediately to teachers who can track individual student growth and progress
  • All students are eligible for awards in incentive programs based upon meeting or exceeding personal growth targets

How does the Blended Learning “Classroom Rotation Model” work, and how much time will my child spend on the computer?

Each classroom is set up with three work stations:

  1.  Direct Instruction with the Teacher
  2.  Collaborative Learning or Project Station
  3.  Individual Computer Learning Stations (15 min. in K-5, 30 min. in 6-8)

Each day, for each core academic subject, the classroom teacher divides and separates the class into two or three working groups.  Groupings change daily and weekly as students master different learning topics or standards. Groupings also vary subject to subject in accord with students’ learning strengths and weaknesses.

The teacher begins a subject like math with one group of students, working through her lesson. While one group is working with her, a second group works together on a collaborative learning project and the third group works individually on their own computer profiles of assignments.  All students receive the lesson on the same grade level standard in rotation. All students cycle through direct instruction in each subject with their teachers, and they deepen their understanding and critical thinking about that subject through collaborating with other students and through their online computer software programs.

Students spend less than 1/3 of their days on computers. One third of the rotation is with the teacher in traditional, direct instruction. One third is in collaborative learning and one third is on the computer. In addition, regular whole-class and whole school time continues. Students are together for music, school mass and religion class, physical education, assemblies, field trips, recess, lunch and more.

Incentives for Effort and Achievement

The Blended Learning model we use has multiple levels and types of student incentives built in, to reward effort and performance.  Students set their own progress goals and are rewarded for achieving those goals.

Beyond the Saint Anne School Campus – Envisioning College for all our Students

At Saint Anne School, we want every child to have as her or his goal to attend college. We have created a hallway display of college pennants from dozens of colleges and universities, including Ivy League and elite colleges and universities, Catholic colleges and universities, California colleges and universities and more.

Blended Learning Summit at Saint Anne School

As an exemplary Blended Learning School, Saint Anne School hosted the 2nd Annual Blended Learning Summit in 2015, gathering together leaders and experts in blended learning with educators to share lessons in this pioneering method of instruction. Representatives of Catholic schools, as well as charter and independent schools, universities and foundations attended.

For more information about the Seton Blended Learning Initiative and the program we use, click here: Seton Education Partners.

Press and Publicity

“Taking Ownership of Their Own Education”

“Saint Anne School Selected for Phaedrus Blended Learning Initiative,”  Santa Monica Mirror.

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