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Tuition and Financial Aid

Payments are made electronically through FACTS Tuition Management.

TUITION 2023-2024

Tuition (K-8)

Number of Students 11 Monthly Payments Annual Tuition
1 $525 $5,770
2 $959 $10,540
3 $1,392 $15,310
4 $1,826 $20,080

Tuition (Transitional Kindergarten)

Number of Students 11 Monthly Payments Annual Tuition
Per student $628 $6,900

Registration Fees

  • $500 per student ($450 if re-registering before March 1st)

Payment Options and Discounts

Full Payment Up Front: 4% discount for full payment before first day of school

Two Installments: 2% discount for two payments by first day of school and November 1. 

Monthly Installments: Enrollment in FACTS automated system is required for this option. Monthly deductions are made from a checking or savings account that you provide.

Fundraising Obligation

Saint Anne School offers families multiple fundraising opportunities over the course of the year and parents commit to the following fundraising amounts:

  • $430 for one child TK-8 child
  • $760 for two children
  • $1090 for three children
  • $1420 for four children



Shea Foundation Tuition Award Opportunity for New Students

These very generous tuition awards are available for students new to Catholic schools or returning to Catholic schools after one year elsewhere. Awards are for each child, for qualified families. See the table below to determine how much your family may be eligible to receive. Simply use household size and income level to determine “Mission Level” and the scholarship amount for each child. 

Shea Tuition Award Scholarship Scholarship 23-24


High School Scholarships

In order to help ensure that each of our students continue their Catholic education, every eligible Saint Anne School eighth grader who is accepted into a Catholic high school receives a partial scholarship from the Catholic Education Foundation. 

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