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Transitional Kindergarten


Our Program

Saint Anne School’s Transitional Kindergarten (“TK”) is a Catholic, standards-based, Pre-Kindergarten program.  It is founded in a philosophy of discovery and learning through play and social interaction.  Learning is enriched through reading, games, interactive and dramatic play, music, art, technology, physical activity and prayer.  We create an educational and caring environment for each student so they are able to grow though hands-on learning and individualized instruction.  Cooperation and collaboration are the dual pillars of learning in our TK classroom.

Teachers will be with students at all times.  They will observe, encourage, guide and support the growing child by providing a stimulating classroom, modeling kind words and actions,and will help develop children’s intellectual, social and emotional skills with firm, loving and consistent interaction.



  • Our TK program allows children to explore and gain a sense of independence in the classroom setting.
  • Children develop their social and emotional skills.
  • They have opportunities for hands-on learning and free choice play.
  • They learn how to share, to listen and to pay attention to others, and within our caring environment, discover the art of friendship.

Learning Centers include:

  • blocks to build houses and other buildings
  • dramatic play, dress up and house corner
  • Windows tablets for age-appropriate counting and literacy games
  • painting easels for artistic expression and exploration
  • water and sand play tables for tactile learning
  • reading corner for development of listening, story telling skills and early literacy
  • listening area to enhance auditory learning and literacy
  • activities to achieve the standards-based curriculum

Transitional Kindergarten Teaching and Learning Standards

Click below to view the Transitional Kindergarten Teaching and Learning Standards of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles Department of Catholic Schools.

Transitional Kindergarten Teaching and Learning Standards

Daily Schedule

Saint Anne School offers a 5-day, full time Transitional Kindergarten, operating from 8:00 am until 3:00 pm daily, with 1:00 pm dismissal on Wednesdays. On-site after school care is available daily until 6:00 pm.

Transitional Kindergarten Daily Schedule

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