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Parent Teacher Association

The Saint Anne School Parent Teacher Association is comprised of all parents and faculty of Saint Anne School. Parents automatically become members of PTA upon enrolling their child in our school.

The purpose and mission of the PTA is to:

  1. Foster open and meaningful communication between administration and parents
  2. Develop community among parents and families enrolled in the school
  3. Support fund-raising efforts and outreach efforts undertaken by the school
  4. Serve as liaisons between the school and parish communities
  5. To enrich and enhance the excellence of the Saint Anne School educational and spiritual experience for their children.

The Saint Anne School PTA meets monthly on the first Tuesday of each month at 6pm. All are welcome. An administrator and a faculty member attend each meeting and report to the faculty at regular staff meetings. Attendance is recorded, and minutes of meetings are taken and posted to the school community.





Erica Robbins PTA President September  
Mary Contreras Vice President / Volunteers October  
Jason Delmarty Treasurer November  
Reshima Wilkinson Communications December  
  Room Parent Coordinator January  
Juan Viramontes Traffic and Safety Coordinator February  
Abel Duran Community Outreach March  
Bernice Cruz Duran Community Outreach April  
Mary Contreras Religious Affairs / Special Events May  
Cathy Denis Community Liaison June  

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