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Mission Marathon

September 4, 2015 by Saint Anne School

Have you seen all those kids and their parents walking and running under the pavilion in the morning?

Have you wondered ‘what in the world are they doing?!’

They are getting healthier!

They are prepping their brains for learning!

They are beating traffic by arriving early! 

They are logging miles for VICTORIOUS VIKINGS DAY!

 The Mission Marathon Program is a run / walk / jog club that commemorates the history of the Early California Missions, which are located approximately 30 miles apart.  Mission Marathon is FREE to all of our students and their families! We meet Monday through Friday under the pavilion (7:20am – 7:55am).

Every Lap Counts 21 laps around the pavilion = 1 mile. Can’t do 21 laps every morning? NO PROBLEM! Every lap you complete is logged and accumulated. If you start the first week of school, it will only take 5 laps daily to complete 26.2 miles! Students may also participate in Mission Marathon after-school on Wednesday, as a part of the Boys & Girls Club program.

Victorious Vikings Day Each spring, students who have achieved certain criteria within the program are invited to join us for Victorious Vikings Day.  This is a special day of fun, food and games to celebrate our bright, healthy kids. More than half of our student body qualified for the trip last year and we had such a great time!

Here’s how to qualify:

•              Complete 26.2 miles (550 laps)

•              Achieve 2 trimesters of Honor Roll + Complete 5miles

•              Achieve 2 trimesters of Principal’s Award + Complete 5miles

You can check how many miles you have online!  Go to www.tinyurl.com/stamissionmarathon


Did You Know That Kids Who Exercise Regularly…

•              Have bigger brains!  They can actually grow more brain cells!

•              Can improve their memory skills!

•              Can improve their problem solving skills!

•              Do better on tests!

•              Feel less stress and are in more positive moods!

•              Cut their risk for obesity and diabetes!


Why in the Morning before School?

•              Mental sharpness is increased for 4-10 hours after exercising!

•              Children are better behaved in the classroom!

•              Get here early and beat traffic!

•              It’s a great time to connect to our Saint Anne Community!

Want to know more about Mission Marathon and Victorious Vikings Day?

Please contact Dani Evans or Tami Bruskotter: jjandmama@gmail.com, tamibruskotter@yahoo.com



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