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Saint Anne School offers technology instruction and enrichment across its curriculum, in all disciplines and at all grade levels. Each classroom has four internet-connected desktop computers and a SMART Board. Our students learn to navigate the SMART Board beginning in Kindergarten and continuing through Grade 8. Upper grades also utilize the SMART Response system. In addition, Saint Anne School has a state-of-the-art, thirty-two-station, Computer Learning Laboratory with SMART Board technology. Technology enhances the curriculum in Phonics and Reading (Waterford Early Reading), Mathematics (Spatial Temporal Math) and individual reading (Accelerated Reader). All internet access is protected by a school-wide internet filter system. Our technology extends to parents with our web-based Gradelink grading and progress reporting system.


Saint Anne School offers science instruction in grades K through 8. Special enrichment in Science in grades 1-5 is offered through P.S. Science, a 38-week hands-on science curriculum taught in the classroom in Grades 1-3 and as an after school club elective in Grades 4 and 5. Our middle school science curriculum is enriched through our collaboration with UCLA’s School of Engineering. In our Middle School Environmental Science Project 7th and 8th grade students receive a six-week course in microbiology from UCLA faculty and graduate students. Students develop hypothesis and test local beaches for E. coli bacteria. They evaluate samples, chart results and defend their findings before UCLA faculty and graduate students before delivering their findings in writing to the Santa Monica City Council.

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