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Third Grade Collaborates on Joseph Pickett “Coryell’s Ferry” Collage

January 7, 2015 by Saint Anne School

Ms. Danforth’s Third Grade completed a collaborative art collage in the style of artist Joseph Pickett’s painting “Coryell’s Ferry.” Before beginning the art work, students received an Arts Matter art history lesson from instructor Lisette Toppel about the American Revolutionary War battle that inspired the work. Third graders learned how General George Washington turned the tide of the Revolutionary Warn in Coryell, Pennsylvania. Washington planned a surprise attack on the British troops the day after Christmas. He knew the British had employed German soldiers to fight for them and that they would be worn out from their holiday celebrations. Washington used the element of surprise to secure a victory.

The Third Grade loved the story and used Pickett’s methods to indicate distances from top to bottom and also indicated the importance of objects by their size in the artwork. Parents can view the work on the bulletin board outside of the classroom. Well done, Third Grade!



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