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Student Council

The purpose of the Saint Anne School Student Council is to promote a better understanding of school events by communicating with the students and teachers, work for the greater good of the students by providing an opportunity for student expression, develop leadership among representatives, improve school spirit, and promote positive citizenship.

Saint Anne School offers leadership and governance opportunities for students through its Student Council open to students in Grades 4-8. Elections are held in the Spring, with speeches, campaigning and voting. Student leaders meet weekly with teacher moderators to plan and oversee matters including school governance, spirit and community building, religious celebrations, fund-raising and school ambassadorship and outreach.



*Dates are subject to change – please use Viking View to check upcoming dates*

 $1 Dress Days and activities such as face painting and tattoos help raise money for Student Council.

$1 Dress Days such as Breast Cancer Awareness Day, World Wildlife Conservation Day, and Autism Awareness Day will be donated to the chosen charity.

FINAL FRIDAY $1 Dress Days and $1 Pencil Grams raise money for the orphanage we sponsor in Tijuana, B.C.

On the FINAL FRIDAY of each month TK-8Th grade have the opportunity to participate in a school-wide competition. Every class will compete in two categories.

1. % of student participation (total number of students participating / total number of students in the class)

2. % of money donated (total amount of money donated / total number of students in the class)

The winners will be announced in MAY. There will be one class winner from % of student participation and one class winner from % of money donated.

Please adhere to the Saint Anne School uniform policy located on pages 83-87 in the Parent Handbook. Students who do not comply with the themed dress days or uniform policy will be issued a detention.



11th       Red, White, and Blue Day for $1 (Proceeds go to Wounded Warrior Project)

25th       [FINAL FRIDAY] Crazy Sock and Shoes Day $1


2nd        Breast Cancer Awareness Day (wear Pink) $1

29th       Free Choice $1


6th         Fall Day $1 (wear colors red, brown, orange, yellow)

20th       [FINAL FRIDAY] free choice $1


4th         Wildlife Conservancy Day $1 Proceeds go to Proceeds donated to World Wildlife Federation (WWF)

18th       [FINAL FRIDAY] Crazy/Ugly Sweater Day $1, Christmas Pencil Grams $1

(Winter Wonderland Dance – Dec. 18th)


25th       [FREE] Catholic Schools Week School – School Spirit Day Wear Blue and Yellow

27th       [FREE] Student Day- Students can wear free dress

29th       [FINAL FRIDAY] Sports Day $1 (wear jersey or t-shirt with sports team logo)


12th       Valentine’s Day $1 (wear red, white, and pink) Dance $1 (Grades 5-8)

26th       [FINAL FRIDAY] Superhero Day $1 (wear your favorite superhero shirts and capes, no costumes please)


4th         Doctors Day- Dr. Seuss and Dr. Who Day $1

24t        [FINAL THURSDAY] free choice $ 1 dress day


1st         Autism Awareness Day $1 (wear blue) Proceeds donated to Autism Speaks

22nd       [FINAL FRIDAY] Wear Earth Day Colors $1 (wear brown, green, or blue)


6th         PJ Day $1

20th       [FINAL FRIDAY] 80’s Dress Day $1 and 80’s Dance $1 (grades 5-8)


President: Nicholas Monsour

Vice President: Mason Heath

Treasurer: Benjamin Perez

Secretary: Isabella Romero

Commissioners for Religious Affairs:  Allison Zepeda and Sophia Muzzey

Commissioner for Sports: Jack Marrone

Commissioners for Environment: Alison Miranda

Teacher Moderators:

Leslie Arizmendi 5th Grade Teacher –

Bianca Caraza 7th Grade Teacher –

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2015 Colorado Avenue
Santa Monica, CA 90404
Phone: 310-829-2775